Apostolical Saying or Bible Verse

بالحقيقة جلب الإنسان الموت لنفسه كما لإبن الانسان أما ابن الانسان فبموته وقيامته جلب الحياة للإنسان
القديس كيرلس الاسكندرى



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I cannot understand what happened at the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, because it’s above my mind perception, how did he concede to become a man ?, How the God of gods became like one of his worshipers … it is the love that cannot be expressed by words.

He had compassion for my weaknesses, As a sinner I was unable to climb to his holiness so he conceded to take me between his arms and declare to me that he still loves me and wants me to be with him.

My Lord, I can not resist this overwhelming love, please use your force to change me, to make me leave my sins and accept your love, even run to you, I want this year to be a never ending love talk with you, To thank you for all your gifts, especially the one gift, which is that you still hear me and accept to enter me, to unite with me within the holy secret of communion were I become one with your holy flesh and blood.