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بالحقيقة جلب الإنسان الموت لنفسه كما لإبن الانسان أما ابن الانسان فبموته وقيامته جلب الحياة للإنسان
القديس كيرلس الاسكندرى



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One of the most famous weeks in the Lenten season known by our congregation with all its details and reflection is the third Sunday of the Great Lent “the Prodigal Son”. And This Sunday lays out profound spiritual insights that are beneficial for our fasting and relationship with our Lord. And to be specific we recount some of the amazing points in this parable for our own virtuous..

Firstly; that God loves us and His love gave us freedom and never retrieved it even if He knows that we will do wrong.. in the Parable of the Prodigal son, the  father gives the younger of his two sons his inheritance before he dies, as his son’s inappropriate request, yet he gave him his advice - as our heavenly father gives us his commandments in the gospel – but with the son’s insistence for his substance his father did gave him what he wanted.

Secondly; God’s longsuffering to His Children and their sins, His endurance for them to come back once more. And for that this father that represent our Heavenly Father is always looking for his son’s return despite  what he has done and have sinned against himself and his father , however this is the love that suffers long  for that Paul the Apostle says in Corinthians “Love suffers long and is kind”..

Thirdly; it’s the joy of the father with the return of his son and didn’t utter  about what he has done or mistaken of. On the contrary he gave him  all the manifestations of the feelings of love and joy by holding a feast to celebrate his return :slaughter the "fattened calf" for a celebratory meal, dress him in a fine robe of repentance , a ring on his finger because he has returned  to his repentance as the son of His father.

Oh my beloved, let’s learn in this week longsuffering to those who do trespass against us just like God endures us