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بالحقيقة جلب الإنسان الموت لنفسه كما لإبن الانسان أما ابن الانسان فبموته وقيامته جلب الحياة للإنسان
القديس كيرلس الاسكندرى



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When Jesus saw him lying there, and knew that he already had been in that condition a long time, (John 5:6 NKJV)
While he was starring at the water hoping for healing .. He didn't think of Jesus He Himself who healed plenty .. Nor yelled like another saying " oh mercy son of David" neither did he reach out his hands to touch him among the crowd to be cured.or looked at him with longing eyes ..When Jesus saw him ...
He is lying there  prisoner to his own heavy weary body and crushed soul of pain and loneliness. He is prisoner of his hopes .. He cannot imagine healing anywhere outside the pool .. Moreover prisoner of his own despair because the very long time breaks down hope. He is prisoner to 38 which implies lacking because 40 is a tenth number that implies perfection ..
So he is lacking 2 numbers to reach perfection... What is he missing ?!!
He is missing an angel from heaven to stir the water, and that's the divine part and is missing someone to put him in the water and that's the human part ..
So Christ ;God in Flesh...came to him He who is both divine and human..
Christ when He saw humanity lying and knew that it had already  been a long Time, when the fullness of time had come He came to give her full healing .
Today oh Lord you expose your caring  to us .. For you are the healing, fullness, and perfection.. 
The word "do you want to be mad well" was cure to a desperate soul.. And the word "rise take up your bed and walk" was cure to the weary body.. 
And the word “you have been made well. Sin no more, " was cure to the sin spirit ..
Oh true physician  ; heal.the sickness of our souls,bodies and spirits . For You are the hope of those who are hopeless and the help of those who have no helper; the comfort of the fainthearted; the harbor of those in the storm. For thine the glory